A Country of Labels

Facebook posts, tweets, open letters and hundreds of articles later what have we achieved? We told the world that WE are a country of rapists. I see my feed flooded with posts about how men need to change, how we need to respect our women more and how we need to promote equal rights for … Continue reading A Country of Labels


The Big Fat Indian Paycheck

As the entire world knows, the Indian media is the most unbiased, uninfluenced and unabashedly truthful of them all (if you are clueless, then YES, I’m being heavily sarcastic). And they have proven their undeniable worth as a dependable watchdog of the Indian society in these past few days by their unparalleled coverage of the … Continue reading The Big Fat Indian Paycheck

Pangs Of Social Media

“1 like = 1 prayer” “1 like = 1 salute” I see this caption under thousands of photos that have the ability to visibly shake you or move you to extremities. A man with no hands, writing with his legs might be a story for inspiration for thousands. But isn’t the above mentioned trend reducing … Continue reading Pangs Of Social Media

Chaotic World

Miracle performed, a new life born, The result of a biological marathon. God’s angels is what the scriptures spell, Yet a fairy is thought a shame. But even before the eyes open to light, The little bud is nipped by the civilized. The little bird yet to spread its wings, Hides behind the door, afraid … Continue reading Chaotic World