Ramblings of an eccentric

(Warning: This post is way too long for the weak hearted. Enter at your own risk) (Disclaimer: This is a work of sleep-deprivation. The writer/s have no frigging relationship to this post whatsoever. ) One day, when you have eaten something particularly indigestible, you’ll sit down for a long time and let your mind wander. … Continue reading Ramblings of an eccentric



This is a poem of incomplete stories. A poem about a conversation. A poem which allows to hope for a better tomorrow. "Tell me a story!" A tattered body, a battered mind, Dusty feet and arms covered with grime, A broken heart and some bleeding wounds, Yes, this is a story of poorer times. "What … Continue reading Snippets

Tales Of Amber & The After-Effects

(I solemnly swear that all parts of this article have been written under strict conditions of sobriety.) There comes a point in every ‘normal’ (to be read as ‘human’; I do not take into account certain sub-species who have renounced this world in search of wisdom) Indian male student’s life where he is introduced to … Continue reading Tales Of Amber & The After-Effects

Beautiful Moments

(This poem is based on two people I saw once. The thing which they had between them was really beautiful and it affected me in a big way. So this poem is for them. ) A few moments of your life, give and take, beautiful sun rays dancing around you through the leaves, while you … Continue reading Beautiful Moments

The Last Bid

I tried to reassure that all will be fine, tried to make you leave the past behind. Kept the spark alive instead of all vice, buried all my skeletons in front of your eyes. I tried to look inside and raise you from the ash, to reach in from outside and rescue your heart of … Continue reading The Last Bid

Last Bench

I may have left the school days behind, but the classroom never really  left me. It’s still the same old routine of coming early, to fill the last benches first. Gone are the days of uniforms and lunchboxes, gone are the days of “kneel-down”-ing. The professor doesn’t give a damn and neither do we, we … Continue reading Last Bench