Ramblings of an eccentric

(Warning: This post is way too long for the weak hearted. Enter at your own risk) (Disclaimer: This is a work of sleep-deprivation. The writer/s have no frigging relationship to this post whatsoever. ) One day, when you have eaten something particularly indigestible, you’ll sit down for a long time and let your mind wander. … Continue reading Ramblings of an eccentric



Locked in a cage, put behind a veil, Hidden from damage underneath a shield. Let's not be hurt, let the pain be removed, Aches and butterflies all pointlessly renewed. Let the prologue be silently burnt, This one story does nothing but haunt. And though from horrid depths, i spoke what was true, I really have … Continue reading Unconvinced

The Condemned

Nowhere does he find some light, Pure and bright, even at night. Yet goes ahead with a broken leg, Lonely on roads where no one treads. With a twisted hand and poor eyesight, He moves ahead in this dark night. No soul in sight or any spirit known, The dark fork roads calling to his … Continue reading The Condemned

Worlds Apart

He sits at the table, drumming the top, thoughts wandering to pinpoint at that one face, sitting among all those piles, of books, reports and rotten files, all he thinks of is the one he needs, more than the air he breathes. it ends not here but keeps nagging. neither hunger matters nor work, he … Continue reading Worlds Apart