What happens when words fail you? When your defenses have all misled you Into believing that you are forever protected. But suddenly you switch ladders And you cannot now go up anymore So the rungs give away, and you’re in free fall. What happens when you enter that vacuum? Of unsurety, looming failures and unmitigated … Continue reading Waterfall


Miracles and Musings

Disclaimer: The following lines have been written by a highly unprofessional man. The lines you see are the result of cold medicine and tomato ketchup with a dash of grape Juice. Please do not write these at home! Searching for gospels through the looking glass, I'm waiting for miracles as I see my life flash. This city, … Continue reading Miracles and Musings

Back-alley of Ugly Truths

(The truth needn't always be good. Sometimes it's bitter and ugly and, well, destructive) Abandon all hope, ye who enter here for this is the place where fallen angels crawl. Where your worst fears are a walking reality and the only conundrum is your bubbling morality. Where winter cold chills the marrow and soul and … Continue reading Back-alley of Ugly Truths

Wanderer Of The Skies

It's been a long time. It's been a tough journey. But the sky was the limit and we have almost reached there. Do share if you find it worth sharing.There was a flash and a spirit broke the logic of minds went up in smoke. But there were dreams and there were roads and a … Continue reading Wanderer Of The Skies


This is a poem of incomplete stories. A poem about a conversation. A poem which allows to hope for a better tomorrow. "Tell me a story!" A tattered body, a battered mind, Dusty feet and arms covered with grime, A broken heart and some bleeding wounds, Yes, this is a story of poorer times. "What … Continue reading Snippets

A Moment Of Imperfection

As always, there are doubts and thoughts, and memories of certain unwanted sorts, And I wish all that is bottled up flows out, if only my soul could get lighter with a huge shout. Pondering incessantly over all that I’ve done, wishing there was someone to talk on the phone. I think about all the … Continue reading A Moment Of Imperfection