What happens when words fail you? When your defenses have all misled you Into believing that you are forever protected. But suddenly you switch ladders And you cannot now go up anymore So the rungs give away, and you’re in free fall. What happens when you enter that vacuum? Of unsurety, looming failures and unmitigated … Continue reading Waterfall


Finding Each Other

And so she lies under the cover of darkness, Warm with love, over his heart’s abode. As he looks down to meet her eyes, all the poetry he ever wrote comes to life. As he holds his hand in hers and her lips in his, all music breaks out and life feels complete again. This … Continue reading Finding Each Other

The Shadow Traveller

Everyone’s moving too soon, too fast, There’s a freeway ahead, a whole new world. Inconspicuous like a shadow, on the sidewalk, I stand and watch you all go by. Scurrying like rabbits, hurrying like bees, rolling down the road like pod-burst peas. And while such speed accompanies your stride, Somewhere unnoticed, I'll join your side. … Continue reading The Shadow Traveller