Ramblings of an eccentric

(Warning: This post is way too long for the weak hearted. Enter at your own risk) (Disclaimer: This is a work of sleep-deprivation. The writer/s have no frigging relationship to this post whatsoever. ) One day, when you have eaten something particularly indigestible, you’ll sit down for a long time and let your mind wander. … Continue reading Ramblings of an eccentric


Finding Each Other

And so she lies under the cover of darkness, Warm with love, over his heart’s abode. As he looks down to meet her eyes, all the poetry he ever wrote comes to life. As he holds his hand in hers and her lips in his, all music breaks out and life feels complete again. This … Continue reading Finding Each Other


This is a poem of incomplete stories. A poem about a conversation. A poem which allows to hope for a better tomorrow. "Tell me a story!" A tattered body, a battered mind, Dusty feet and arms covered with grime, A broken heart and some bleeding wounds, Yes, this is a story of poorer times. "What … Continue reading Snippets

A Moment Of Imperfection

As always, there are doubts and thoughts, and memories of certain unwanted sorts, And I wish all that is bottled up flows out, if only my soul could get lighter with a huge shout. Pondering incessantly over all that I’ve done, wishing there was someone to talk on the phone. I think about all the … Continue reading A Moment Of Imperfection

The Incomplete Goodbye

He was sitting calmly at a corner table, earphones plugged in and John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ beating away in his ear. He took a look at his watch. She’s running late. It had been almost half an hour since he sat down at that place. He was sitting at a window table in the … Continue reading The Incomplete Goodbye


Locked in a cage, put behind a veil, Hidden from damage underneath a shield. Let's not be hurt, let the pain be removed, Aches and butterflies all pointlessly renewed. Let the prologue be silently burnt, This one story does nothing but haunt. And though from horrid depths, i spoke what was true, I really have … Continue reading Unconvinced