The Cocoon Experience

Almost never do we close our eyes and walk off a cliff (unless we are bungee jumping). It’s nearly impossible to do it even when the cliff is a metaphor, because the fall is always real. It’s exhilarating and scary to fall down the face of a metaphorical mountain without knowing when you are going … Continue reading The Cocoon Experience


Revolving Doors

“It is so hard to leave—until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world.” - John Green Be it family, friend or a relative, people are the reason our emotions undergo change like some weird chameleon. It's a blessing to be in that childish and ignorant part of your life … Continue reading Revolving Doors


What happens when words fail you? When your defenses have all misled you Into believing that you are forever protected. But suddenly you switch ladders And you cannot now go up anymore So the rungs give away, and you’re in free fall. What happens when you enter that vacuum? Of unsurety, looming failures and unmitigated … Continue reading Waterfall

Ramblings of an eccentric

(Warning: This post is way too long for the weak hearted. Enter at your own risk) (Disclaimer: This is a work of sleep-deprivation. The writer/s have no frigging relationship to this post whatsoever. ) One day, when you have eaten something particularly indigestible, you’ll sit down for a long time and let your mind wander. … Continue reading Ramblings of an eccentric


(This is about the one person who lights up your world at all times. It maybe your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, fiancée or simply a friend.) You are in that dark desolate place inside you where you force yourself to go after it seems as if you have failed at everything. You are a … Continue reading Sunshine

Growing Up

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to persons dead or alive is freaky! Note to Reader: If you think this is too long then just skip it, press the FB like button below the text and go watch season 2 of Arrow or season 7 of Big Boss on YouTube. I’m informed that they have a very good … Continue reading Growing Up