House of Cards

Oblivious to the sands of time,
I strived to create a visible rhyme.
From the four suits in my upper hand,
A marvel was going to born and stand.

My hopes were high,
my dreams big enough.
I was going to do it
no matter how tough.

But the joker had plans of his own,
And I had no idea of the evil he had sown.

The Evil Joker
As the house was taking the shape of my thought,
A spell of darkness the joker had wrought.

I was near the end; i picked up the final card,
Gloating at my accomplishment like a boffin bard.
I placed the final card and I stepped back to admire.
When suddenly I realised the ground level wasn’t there!

Floating in air like a cloudy dream,
Oh how impossible it seemed!
Then the joker just made then tiniest of sound,
Smothering the castle of my dreams to the ground.

falling house of cards

And there i was, lying on my back.
Surrounded by cards of white, red and black.
With sleep slipping out of my veins,
It was time to be normal again.