Miracles and Musings

Disclaimer: The following lines have been written by a highly unprofessional man. The lines you see are the result of cold medicine and tomato ketchup with a dash of grape Juice. Please do not write these at home!

Searching for gospels through the looking glass,

I’m waiting for miracles as I see my life flash.

This city, my Vaudeville, lost among the hum of generators,

leaves me staring at, looking at, empty buildings and

getting lost in the meticulous fluid of my being.

The comic inside me, who finds humour only in butter chicken,

now shouts out for a bar setting for once!

The unabbreviated neon lights on damaged roads

hypnotise the keyboard banging chimp inside my soul.

My brain aches from all the espresso thoughts,

and my ceiling puts a poker face as I stare at it in boxer shorts.

My prayers to God are only for ungodly things

(none of which involve an angel with wings.)

As i get warped into the fourth dimension of traffic

social media posts seem disturbingly terrific.

Viral fevers and chicken cravings,

back pains and ice cream with chocolate shavings

mould my world and cook a tune

as a thousand cello strings permeate my soul.



Blinking cursor, erasing, moving back,
undo, redo, sentences and word files.
Scrambling for fresh paper now, fresh ink to start,
But all ends in scratch, scratch, scratch.

What do I write about, what do I choose,
and curse Hemmingway for saying it’s easier with booze!
A pebble I dropped in the pools of my mind,
shuffling, playing and putting memories on rewind.

Changed cities, distanced people and the twenties’ confusion,
a million fires from burning dreams laced with illusion,
do I write about love, do I write of inspiration,
do I write about who hurts me or do I jot down my frustrations?

Do I write happy stuff or do I make my words weep?
Do I write something epic or write something cheap!?
I don’t know what to write, I’m as clueless as a sheep.
So to hell with this, I’ll just go off to sleep.

Growing Up

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to persons dead or alive is freaky!

Note to Reader: If you think this is too long then just skip it, press the FB like button below the text and go watch season 2 of Arrow or season 7 of Big Boss on YouTube. I’m informed that they have a very good viewership.

(Personal note to Ms. Pandora, who opened the ‘Box of Troubles’: If you’re reading this then know that ‘I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.’)

growing up

Remember the text messages you used to forward during high school? “Broken toys and lost pencils are better than broken hearts and lost friends…”, “…No care in the world…” and what not. And now when I sit down and reflect upon my life a few years ago, I’m astonished at the amount of change we all have undergone.
If I surmise the experience of stepping out of the house into the real world then it all culminates down to “Growing up sucks”. Though I do feel like “To hell with this. I’m going to Narnia”, the major reason why I would want to stay a kid is I don’t want to lose the parts of me which made me a kid. I’m sure some of us still know how to have fun but some of us have faced unimaginable losses and have been through hell. Some of us have become a completely different person; some have become polar opposites of what they used to be! (And I do include the looks department in it too). But the price we’ve paid is a very big one.

I doubt if I’ve any shred of innocence left in me. Blessed are they who still retain some of it. They’re lucky people indeed. It’s as if we’ve crossed some invisible line which triggers a flurry of hard truths; nailed deep into our lives by the hammer of ‘life’. I’ve forgotten what it felt like when I used to call everyone I knew a friend. When the world wasn’t complex, when we weren’t a part of a rat race stepping over each other and pushing everyone aside hankering after the piece of cheese at the finish line; when we didn’t know the meaning of ‘bad words’. It was wonderful a life when we could be ourselves without the fear of being labeled ‘crazy’. I’ve lost the part of my life when I went to sleep every night with my parents standing watch over me. It is SURPRISING how all the bad aspects of the world were mostly hidden from us. When death and disease were such a remote concept we never understood.

Responsibility: oh how the human race… Forget race. How I used to fear this word! Yet that is not what pushes me away. It’s the busy nature of our lives, the scarcity of time, increase of distance and exponential rise in phenomena like ‘misunderstandings’, ‘loneliness’, ‘greed’, ‘selfishness’ and, the biggest and baddest one “Change” that makes me want to build a time machine. How petty seem emotions, how stony have our faces become! Unwanted worry lines have become more abundant than forced dimples. Sigh!

It is the fact that we’ve replaced “share and care” with “Each man unto himself” which scares me.

Well, to hell with this shit. I’m off to Narnia anyways.

P.S. Eat, pray, love and don’t tell your parents if you drink. (Dad, if you do read this one then know that I’m just joking.) Peace out.