Ramblings of an eccentric

(Warning: This post is way too long for the weak hearted. Enter at your own risk) (Disclaimer: This is a work of sleep-deprivation. The writer/s have no frigging relationship to this post whatsoever. ) One day, when you have eaten something particularly indigestible, you’ll sit down for a long time and let your mind wander. … Continue reading Ramblings of an eccentric


A Moment Of Imperfection

As always, there are doubts and thoughts, and memories of certain unwanted sorts, And I wish all that is bottled up flows out, if only my soul could get lighter with a huge shout. Pondering incessantly over all that I’ve done, wishing there was someone to talk on the phone. I think about all the … Continue reading A Moment Of Imperfection


Blinking cursor, erasing, moving back, undo, redo, sentences and word files. Scrambling for fresh paper now, fresh ink to start, But all ends in scratch, scratch, scratch. What do I write about, what do I choose, and curse Hemmingway for saying it’s easier with booze! A pebble I dropped in the pools of my mind, … Continue reading Scribbled


Locked in a cage, put behind a veil, Hidden from damage underneath a shield. Let's not be hurt, let the pain be removed, Aches and butterflies all pointlessly renewed. Let the prologue be silently burnt, This one story does nothing but haunt. And though from horrid depths, i spoke what was true, I really have … Continue reading Unconvinced


Too many riddles to solve, Too many puzzles in hand, Too much of confusion around And yet no sign of any solution. The pressure cooker is reaching bursting point, And the body is starting to give away. Heart is bleeding way too much these days, And the silence is corroding away the flesh. All that’s … Continue reading Escape

Chaotic World

Miracle performed, a new life born, The result of a biological marathon. God’s angels is what the scriptures spell, Yet a fairy is thought a shame. But even before the eyes open to light, The little bud is nipped by the civilized. The little bird yet to spread its wings, Hides behind the door, afraid … Continue reading Chaotic World