The Show (Moneyball [2011]) I was watching Moneyball again yesterday after a long long time. and this song from the movie was so touching! Just a little girl singing with a guitar in the background... Nothing more. Beautiful Indeed! Tells you how important it is to just sit back and enjoy life. I'm just a little bit caught … Continue reading The Show (Moneyball [2011])



(This is the first song I have ever written for someone! I decided it was time to write something on a cheerful note. This is something I haven't done in a long time. Love as a subject is kind of hard to write for me. But as the great Plato said "At the touch of … Continue reading Homecoming

“There she is!”

Oscar opened his eyes slowly and didn’t recognize the place. He didn’t know the room, the lights, nothing. The only sounds were the periodic beeps of the various machines monitoring his heartbeat and body temperature. He looked at the table on the left and saw framed pictures of the only moments he could remember. He … Continue reading “There she is!”

Beautiful Moments

(This poem is based on two people I saw once. The thing which they had between them was really beautiful and it affected me in a big way. So this poem is for them. ) A few moments of your life, give and take, beautiful sun rays dancing around you through the leaves, while you … Continue reading Beautiful Moments

Worlds Apart

He sits at the table, drumming the top, thoughts wandering to pinpoint at that one face, sitting among all those piles, of books, reports and rotten files, all he thinks of is the one he needs, more than the air he breathes. it ends not here but keeps nagging. neither hunger matters nor work, he … Continue reading Worlds Apart

The Ride

"That's it! I'm not talking to her till she replies to my text", he thought. He got up, stretched a bit and went out to the balcony. The last five days had been really unexpected. "Of course! I'm in love again after all!", he muttered to himself. He had met the perfect girl. The most … Continue reading The Ride