The Incomplete Goodbye

He was sitting calmly at a corner table, earphones plugged in and John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ beating away in his ear. He took a look at his watch. She’s running late. It had been almost half an hour since he sat down at that place. He was sitting at a window table in the … Continue reading The Incomplete Goodbye


Open Door

*beep* “I’m gonna miss you” “me too” *beep* “no you won’t!” He smiled at his girlfriend’s text, wondering how long it’ll be before they were going to see each other. They both had different flights to catch the next day and they both needed to sleep. As he let out a sigh and rolled over … Continue reading Open Door

Dust And Smoke

(from the unseen slums of Bengaluru) As I stood outside the little ‘variety store’ near my PG* sharing a smoke with my roommate, I heard a sweet little voice repeating a single word while the same reply came from another voice each time. This other voice sounded tired, very tired. Taking a sip from the … Continue reading Dust And Smoke

“There she is!”

Oscar opened his eyes slowly and didn’t recognize the place. He didn’t know the room, the lights, nothing. The only sounds were the periodic beeps of the various machines monitoring his heartbeat and body temperature. He looked at the table on the left and saw framed pictures of the only moments he could remember. He … Continue reading “There she is!”


He woke up with a sudden start! He glanced at the bedside table. The clock showed 11:17 a.m. He looked back at the pillow. It was completely drenched with sweat in spite of the air conditioning. It was the third time in the past two weeks and every time it was the same. He dreamt … Continue reading Obsessed

The Ride

"That's it! I'm not talking to her till she replies to my text", he thought. He got up, stretched a bit and went out to the balcony. The last five days had been really unexpected. "Of course! I'm in love again after all!", he muttered to himself. He had met the perfect girl. The most … Continue reading The Ride