Hello! Welcome to my blog! I’m Sailesh. and I would like to describe myself as a Ardent Reader, Un-avid Blogger, Lame Poet, Rising Humorist and Perennially Eccentric. A Genetically Sarcastic, Professionally Lazy and Recovering Idealist.

This blog is a journey of emotions I’ve felt and observed. My own feelings as well as others’. I come across many emotions, spoken and unspoken, and that’s what I write about. This blog has been like a ladder for me, climbing up and growing as a writer and a person.

Dark Cells was a variation of grey cells, a term for brain cells. First of all, you have gotto admit the title’s catchy! Kinda draws your attention! No denying that! And secondly, this world isn’t perfect and everyone has their own imperfections to live with. Unless we embrace ourselves for who we are and understand that we need to stop camouflaging ourselves for the sake of others, we cannot and will not grow as human beings. So, cheers to being imperfect!

As a person, I tend to love a lot, observe certain details around me and I am also very perceptive. Be it people or Nature, this love drives me on to write. Hope you like what i write and connect with them. 🙂


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