Revolving Doors

“It is so hard to leave—until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world.” – John Green

Be it family, friend or a relative, people are the reason our emotions undergo change like some weird chameleon. It’s a blessing to be in that childish and ignorant part of your life where loss is a lost concept. Once we grow old enough to cross that line, there’s nothing in it for us except heartbreak.

child becometh man

Newton’s fourth law says – “People Leave.” And due to that powers of the magic apple that fell on his head (and gave him all that IQ) he was right. By the age of 25, you would have lost at least 5 people in your life that you thought you never would. When a friendship breaks, usually one of the two idiots involved in it is left holding on to all the adolescent promises of religious BFF-ism. As adults, we hate losing friends. And even worse is that we hate admitting that fact. Sometimes things break due to silly reasons. Sometimes friendships are more complicated than a Nolan movie. (That’s exactly why Nolan doesn’t make romcoms.)


We usually can’t help it. People don’t talk. That doesn’t mean that they want to remove each other’s existence from their lives. But one day you wake up and they are gone. They really have. And you cannot bring them back. You don’t know if you want to, but you can’t. If friendship was a race, I would never take part. Because I have lost them all. I am not a bad person but I injured some parts of my brain in a space exploration accident and fail to behave like a normal person most of the times. People walk away and I do not stop them. Most of us do not. Our pride doesn’t allow us to do that after a certain age. Sad, isn’t it?

But life doesn’t stop, does it? Our lives are like revolving doors. People come in and go out at the same time without bumping into each other. It hardly takes any effort. Just the slightest touch and it gives way. We do not have a doorman or a security guard inside our brains that screens people before grabbing the handle. Any soul can just waltz in. revolving door1Over the years, I am learning that at any given point in your life, be happy that you have a bunch of jobless misfits you can talk to. They may not be the friends you wanted or dreamt of, but they are there. Till they decide to give the door a gentle push, they are around. Everyone has a role to play.

One can be a friend to you for 8 days and peek into your meme-loving, condemned-to-hell soul and one can be around for 8 years but in the end fail to understand you. No matter how long or short, don’t lose hope. That door doesn’t stop revolving. Ever. If it has stopped for you, check again. Maybe you forgot to unlock it.

You don’t know when someone decides to walk in and make it Hotel California and never leave.


One thought on “Revolving Doors

  1. Beautiful post, you’ve just made me move on from my sadness due to lost friends. Keep writing awesome stuff like this. 🙂


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