What happens when words fail you?
When your defenses have all misled you
Into believing that you are forever protected.
But suddenly you switch ladders
And you cannot now go up anymore
So the rungs give away, and you’re in free fall.

What happens when you enter that vacuum?
Of unsurety, looming failures and unmitigated risks
And you aren’t sure what else you have left to lose
Not sure where your fall will break
And the paths are unclear with the fog of a million doubts
Because it wasn’t your fault; life’s just unfair.

What happens when thoughts betray you?
When your mind revolts and draws a blank
And you are left in a haze of uncertainty
Your will scared frozen in a cube of consequences
And you are sentenced to stare at the walls within and without
occasionally catching virtual glimpses of untormented souls
Praying for those white barriers to crumble at your feet
And let the reality flow in unrestrained, unedited
Flooding the whites, unhinging your composure
Let you feel everything that’s bottled up inside
And maybe give you the hope that this waterfall
Will finally ease your pain and clear the mist.

Lost and Confused Signpost


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