Regretting the The Road Not Taken

I have no qualms over where I have reached in life. The problem is that this life is perfect. But not perfect for me.
Hardly 25 years old and I now realise how sheltered I have been from a lot of things in this world. From so many labels. From failure. And now that I am the captain of my own ship, I feel like I am losing. Losing this invisible race that I have been running since I was born. I am now afraid of failure. I am afraid to trust my instincts and take a leap of faith. I have become the cautionary tale that poets and storytellers write about. A normal man, stuck in his monotonous life, all under the pretence of ‘stability’ and ‘security’.
I regret not taking the risks I could have. I regret following the herd for so long that the undo button of life is now out of reach. I regret not being brave enough to let myself fall and scrape my knees, maybe bruise my elbows while I am at it. I regret not listening to my own voice shouting out at me every night while I was stuck like a clockwork cuckoo.
If you are reading this, then take this from me. It’s NOT OKAY to fail. It is NECESSARY to fail. To face your fears now when you can face them and rise back. If only I had the wisdom to follow the road covered with leaves.

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