New City – I

(New personal record! 6 months without writing a single word… I’ve done a grave injustice to the writer inside me! From writing so articles, poems and Quora answers, I’ve switched to writing scripts and kernel modules. A silent prayer for my decreasing creativity and my ever increasing roundness!)

11th September.

I am sitting in my corner cubicle, getting my ass frozen off by the highly malfunctioning air conditioning. It’s Friday and there are very few people around me, thus allowing me to play my favourite playlist at the maximum possible volume. And it also made realise that I finally have some time to ramble.

It’s been more than two months since I joined at my new job. The work is cool, office people people are very chilled out. But this new city! I really can’t put my finger on it. I was born, brought up and educated in small cities. And now there’s Hyderabad. The city of Nizams, Biriyani, Haleem, Nawabs and Kebabs! 😀 So many stories around the old city! So much noise on the roads! The food, the trees, old buildings, even the daily commuting teaches me something new everyday!

This is a completely new experience. Setting up the apartment, living with completely different people, worrying about broken taps, enjoying lunch with my colleagues, getting desserts passed over from the adjacent table, going for a movie during office hours… It’s not as fun, but it’s new… It’s not the same, but it is shaping me up… It’s far from perfect, but it’s not monotonous… Let’s see what adventures I encounter!! 😀



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