Open Door

*beep* “I’m gonna miss you”

“me too”

*beep* “no you won’t!”

He smiled at his girlfriend’s text, wondering how long it’ll be before they were going to see each other. They both had different flights to catch the next day and they both needed to sleep. As he let out a sigh and rolled over in his bed, he felt slightly chilly and heard a soft thud. Wondering what was wrong he looked towards the windows just 2 feet away from the head of his bed. It seemed that the last window, the one near to his roommate’s bed, was slightly open. Muttering under his breath, he got up from his bed and walked towards the window. As he stood facing it, looking at the university road outside, he heard the soft thud again! Turning as fast as his baby fat would allow, he saw the door slightly ajar, letting in a thin strip of light from the corridor. He walked towards the door pulled it open and stood in the corridor, looking to both ends of the well lighted wing. Feeling confused he looked at the clock on his phone. 2:59 AM. WTF!? He was pretty sure he had bolted shut both the door and the windows before going to sleep. I did, didn’t I?!

Cursing under his breath he gathered his empty water bottles and started his journey towards the 3rd floor of the empty hostel where the only ‘working’ water purifier existed. He passed room after room in dark corridors reprimanding himself. I should have filled those bottles before going to sleep. The hostel was spooky in the middle of the night. The phone in his pocket silently vibrated almost making him jump in surprise! Whipping it out, he felt better. Smiling again at Sandhya’s texts he carried on his task, his mind almost forgetting the odd fears as he got busy trying to convince his girlfriend to fall asleep while filling up the empty bottles.


WTF! How is it open!?? He shouted out in his mind looking at the open door to his room. He was pretty sure he had bolted it shut before going. He looked towards the end of the corridor where Arpit’s room was. The only person in his wing who had stayed back in the hostel for a project. Making a mental note to himself to kick Arpit in the balls next morning for this stupid prank, he went into his room and drove in both the bolts on his door. He kept the bottles on his desk, looked around the room once again, stopping for half a second at the empty bed on the other side of the room and switched off the lights. He looked at his phone again. 3:19 AM.

He laid down on his side and started to type “Babe you won’t believe what just happ…” not noticing the breathing over his neck. As he turned around to switch sides, he froze in fear.

A pair of eyes. Floating eyes.


The next morning the door didn’t open. Gaurav had missed his flight.


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