This one is just too truthful to let go 🙂

to that day.

You ever come across a trigger that sparks a powerful nostalgic feel? Something as simple as a whiff of an old scent, or an oddly familiar sound. I did a quick search for the etymology of ‘nostalgia’, and it comes from Greek root words ‘nostos’ meaning ‘return home’ and ‘algos’ meaning ‘pain’, homesickness.

The feeling of homesickness can bring about a deep pain and longing for things of the past. Not necessarily longing to be home, exactly, because home can be anywhere, anyone and anything which we’ve grown comfortable and safe with. Nostalgia is an effective word that accurately encompasses the plethora of intense feelings it rouses. 

Emotions such as happiness, or anger are basic emotions that we have a decent understanding of, nostalgia on the other hand takes us by surprise and holds us captive until we’ve reminisced enough. Sometimes it can take us into a trance like state, where there…

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