Words Of A Dreamer

(some 2 years ago, I wrote a poem with the same title and the same dreams in my mind. This too is dedicated for all those who dream)

Bring out chains to put me down,
but you can never keep me off the ground.
In this grid of chaos, I stole few moments of serenity.
In an ocean of despair, I’m anchored to hopes.

Thoughts fly out of the window,
teasing me taunting me to reach the sky.
A line, a thought, a dream, all in a lie,
ask me I’ve abandoned them why.


One day I’ll have wings to soar high,
and reach new horizons beyond the world’s eye.
A thousand dreams that now live in me,
shall one day be conquered for the world to see.

I want to be as free as the wind in my fold,
as dangerous as the sparks inside my soul.
I’ll endure all possible pains to make destiny mine,
become an indelible moment in the illusion of time,

So let not these eyes see all surprises that they may,
because tomorrow is yet another new day.

Dreamer I


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