Words Of A Dreamer

(some 2 years ago, I wrote a poem with the same title and the same dreams in my mind. This too is dedicated for all those who dream)

Bring out chains to put me down,
but you can never keep me off the ground.
In this grid of chaos, I stole few moments of serenity.
In an ocean of despair, I’m anchored to hopes.

Thoughts fly out of the window,
teasing me taunting me to reach the sky.
A line, a thought, a dream, all in a lie,
ask me I’ve abandoned them why.


One day I’ll have wings to soar high,
and reach new horizons beyond the world’s eye.
A thousand dreams that now live in me,
shall one day be conquered for the world to see.

I want to be as free as the wind in my fold,
as dangerous as the sparks inside my soul.
I’ll endure all possible pains to make destiny mine,
become an indelible moment in the illusion of time,

So let not these eyes see all surprises that they may,
because tomorrow is yet another new day.

Dreamer I



(This is the first song I have ever written for someone! I decided it was time to write something on a cheerful note. This is something I haven’t done in a long time. Love as a subject is kind of hard to write for me. But as the great Plato said “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. Hope you all like it.)

Won’t you stay with me for some more time,
I don’t feel like being alone.
Someone like you is hard to find,
So don’t tell me that today you’ll be gone.

This time there will be no mistakes,
There won’t be a single wrong turn.
Don’t give up on us just this once,
Cause without you I’m gonna crash and burn.

No more red ink goodbyes,
To get lost in those lovely eyes,
To make sure my heart’s still beating,
To make sure that I keep on breathing,
To be under the same stars as you,
I’m coming home to you.

Ever wonder why I say you are my sunshine,
What will happen if we ever reach no-return.
No, I intend to keep all my promises,
I will alleviate all your myriad concerns.

So walk down this road with me again,
Bring back those countless moments of ours.
Let me surprise you time and again,
Like when I sent your favorite flowers.

No more fights, no more cries,
To see the sparkle in your eyes,
To see for real your heartwarming smile,
To make my days a bit more worthwhile,
To be whatever you want me to,
I’m coming home to you.

Would You Like Some Tax?

(Beg your pardon for my long absence. I had to disappear since the authorities were after me for my despicable criminal activities. Apparently kicking a professor in the nuts does not come under freedom of expression!)

This article is dedicated to the Income Tax Department of India, trolling Indians for decades now.

Income Tax!

The Indian middle class is the most trolled sub-species ever known to human beings. We are not poor enough to get rice for 2 rs a kilo or to never know the meaning of things like comfort and basic amenities. And we are definitely not rich enough to be unaffected by all the hustle and tussle that goes on in this country. But the average middle class Indian is mostly satisfied with the ups and downs in his life for most part of a financial year. The only speck of rust in his not-so-perfect pittal di duniya is the time of income tax filings.

aam aadmi

As a Le yet-Jobless-Engineering-student I do not know if the government has been decent enough about the slabs and tax rates but in reality it looks like what an average Indian gets is a very big Babaji Ka Thullu (colloquial for squat) in the long run. I am a layman. Not at all versed in ‘Economical’ jargon (or whatever those fancy CAs call it). So please le government, explain me how you would justify the following.

A white collar job is so horrible that you ask a man to pay tax for the 100rs he won in the Samaj Aggarbatti Lucky draw just because it adds to his income. He has to pay you more if he gets a bonus for doing his job properly at the office. He has saved some money by working his chappals off at the same firm for 21 years at the same position. How do you justify putting your grubby and dirty little hands into his account and taking away 20% or 30% of it when Dr. ‘Moun’mohan Singh & Co. yawn at scams of impossible amounts like 2400k crores? It’s like asking for petty change from a beggar. Is this his punishment for being honest foolish enough to enter his PAN number (for those who do not know: it’s kinda like social security, but a lot less cooler) in all his documents and accounts? Tell me, O learned finance gurus of the country, why do I have to pay 17% tax in a restaurant which is already overpriced? Are the mango people of India destined to have 10 rs waala Raj Babbar meals on the roadside forever? Are our life savings never to cross, say maybe, 2 lakh Indian rupees so that the creamy layer of our country don’t get an inferiority complex?


Tax laws in the country do need to be restructured regarding a man’s life savings and his taxation. Give him some relief so that he does not have to sell a kidney or two to provide comfort for his kids in this age of inflation.

P.S. This is not an Arvind Kejriwal inspired publicity stunt. You see, I never went to IIT.

tax wish