Words Of A Dreamer

(some 2 years ago, I wrote a poem with the same title and the same dreams in my mind. This too is dedicated for all those who dream) Bring out chains to put me down, but you can never keep me off the ground. In this grid of chaos, I stole few moments of serenity. … Continue reading Words Of A Dreamer



(This is the first song I have ever written for someone! I decided it was time to write something on a cheerful note. This is something I haven't done in a long time. Love as a subject is kind of hard to write for me. But as the great Plato said "At the touch of … Continue reading Homecoming

Would You Like Some Tax?

(Beg your pardon for my long absence. I had to disappear since the authorities were after me for my despicable criminal activities. Apparently kicking a professor in the nuts does not come under freedom of expression!) This article is dedicated to the Income Tax Department of India, trolling Indians for decades now. The Indian middle … Continue reading Would You Like Some Tax?