Suspended Animation

I woke up suspended in an incorruptible dream.
The real and the surreal woven into an invisible seam.
A carnival of madness, from life’s era bygone,
masking the calm, warning of the oncoming storm.


Wishes unwanted ceaselessly filled up my heart,
A desperate need to return to the start.
Undo all hourglass turns and rewrite the past,
Hoping, hoping that I get to play the hero’s part.

I saw the incoherence form within and without,
Wondering what this shimmering mirage was all about.
As decadence seeped in and paralyzed parts of my mind,
I went about stabbing hell bound shadows from behind.

I transformed into a creature so horribly absurd,
Guardian angels were forced to cry tears of blood.
In my delusion, an automation I had become,
closed within myself till kingdom come.

Silently I squandered about in my elaborate disguise,
suspended in a psychedelic trance, waiting for sudden demise,
But the heavens burst forth tearing apart the skies,
And I finally woke up to see reality amidst all the lies.

A Waking Dream


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