Locked in a cage, put behind a veil,
Hidden from damage underneath a shield.
Let’s not be hurt, let the pain be removed,
Aches and butterflies all pointlessly renewed.

Let the prologue be silently burnt,
This one story does nothing but haunt.
And though from horrid depths, i spoke what was true,
I really have no idea how to convince you.

Though the thought has been shaping for quite a while,
Enough silence has been kept, enough have i smiled.
And so for once the floodgates went berserk, went mad,
Even if it threatened to drown the only bond i had.

And as to queries of whether or not i’m sane,
I assure you I’ve never had more clarity as that moment then.
When i from painful depths, spoke what was true,
Without any idea on how to convince you.



Suspended Animation

I woke up suspended in an incorruptible dream.
The real and the surreal woven into an invisible seam.
A carnival of madness, from life’s era bygone,
masking the calm, warning of the oncoming storm.


Wishes unwanted ceaselessly filled up my heart,
A desperate need to return to the start.
Undo all hourglass turns and rewrite the past,
Hoping, hoping that I get to play the hero’s part.

I saw the incoherence form within and without,
Wondering what this shimmering mirage was all about.
As decadence seeped in and paralyzed parts of my mind,
I went about stabbing hell bound shadows from behind.

I transformed into a creature so horribly absurd,
Guardian angels were forced to cry tears of blood.
In my delusion, an automation I had become,
closed within myself till kingdom come.

Silently I squandered about in my elaborate disguise,
suspended in a psychedelic trance, waiting for sudden demise,
But the heavens burst forth tearing apart the skies,
And I finally woke up to see reality amidst all the lies.

A Waking Dream