Tales Of Amber & The After-Effects

(I solemnly swear that all parts of this article have been written under strict conditions of sobriety.)

There comes a point in every ‘normal’ (to be read as ‘human’; I do not take into account certain sub-species who have renounced this world in search of wisdom) Indian male student’s life where he is introduced to one of the friendliest chemical compounds in this world. A certain ‘carbon’ chain that ends with a big fat –OH. I being one of the normal guys was introduced to this compound some two years ago! Before you start judging me, my fair lady who reads this, let me point out that I’ve been a gentleman till now and have limited my encounters with the amber liquid to twice a year. And I can have sober eye-witnesses confirm that I’ve never once disgraced myself by passing out because of over-consumption nor have I ever regurgitated. And here ends my decent into the British mode of speech.

indexThere is something sentimental about guys having the ‘friendly compound’ together which no one has ever understood. A way of bonding and connection in our circle. My first endeavor with it for the current financial year took place a few days back and after a gap of almost 6 months. It was the birthday of one of those people that you can’t ignore and eventually I was carried into the chosen spot of debauchery by enthusiastic wing-mates and classmates, already under influence.

There’s something soul calming and joyful about it. The chink of the glasses is like a trigger making you let go of all your worries for the next few hours. There are people who drink very less and just sit back and watch others. Then there are those like me who have enough to feel slightly lightheaded. And then there are the guys who go crazy. But whatever category you may belong to, you have to shed all your masks that day and be your true self. Trust me, no one will judge you! Hell, if we’re wasted enough we might even encourage you! Remember, most good stories are either caused by or uncovered by the amber.

I found my solace in an undisclosed amount of the ‘liquid’ and the one and a half hours of chorus that followed after! Ah the joy of singing old Bollywood numbers! You can sing however horribly or magnificently you want to and no one gives a damn. It is like freeing the soul from months of oppression you have suffered at the hands of horrible professors, horrible mess food and the horrible exams. The ultimate high point comes when you sing loud enough to wake people living around you in all the four directions!

Coming to the end, no session is ever complete without a drunk dial. I don’t understand why people find drunk texts/calls annoying. You’re the only person they are thinking of when their brain can’t even function properly. You should be flattered that someone likes you that much!

So, cheers to all guys and girls! And Amen to the after-effects!