Curtain Fall

Let’s put on our masks, it’s time for the show.
let’s glide out onto the stage for everyone to see.
Let all be hidden under the plastic,
just one face, for the world, we are to be.


Practice your face for the one-time act.
Make sure the make-up doesn’t fade fast.
And once you become convincingly true,
Let time be the judge of you.

Do not give an inkling of the swirls underneath,
only the shell is for everyone to see.
Let the act be done with such ferocity,
that the audience shouts ‘Encore!’ for thee.

Let passion be your driver and aggress be your friend.
It is an act, it is a lie, so truth is a fiend.
Let your spirits roar so loud that the audience is smitten,
and receive a standing ovation as you slowly disappear behind the curtain.