Pangs Of Social Media

“1 like = 1 prayer” “1 like = 1 salute” I see this caption under thousands of photos that have the ability to visibly shake you or move you to extremities. A man with no hands, writing with his legs might be a story for inspiration for thousands. But isn’t the above mentioned trend reducing … Continue reading Pangs Of Social Media


Perfect Reflection

What do you do when you find someone exactly like you? How would you feel? A night of discovery, verily profound. fate smiled at last whence hope had frowned. Searching forever in this mirror house, searching for a perfection, the answer to my doubts. Thought I’ll never find me, I was so scared, and I … Continue reading Perfect Reflection

Paradise Lost

How unfair will it be in life’s fall, when all prayers go unheard as miseries befall. When the sun goes dark while you’re truly lost, when the pain is deep and corrupting your trust, when you look for light yet shadows surround, and the mysteries of life still leave spellbound. When the eve of truth … Continue reading Paradise Lost