Kitchen Chronicles: An E(gg)xaggeration

Once upon a time, I lived in comfort and grandeur. Then I came to an engineering hostel! We struggled against all adversities. We survived all attempts to poison us by the mess people. But one day we simply decided that the sucky mess food had become, well… too sucky!
It was a historic day. On a fine smoke-filled hostel evening, seven of us had chipped in and bought an induction cooker. We knew very well that none of us had the slightest idea about cooking. One particular droopy eyed guy in our group was highly skeptical. He bordered on the verge of discouragement so much that he and I almost came to blows! But it was all forgotten five minutes later.
Two days later it was there. The day had come. It was cooking time. The scene was laid out in the wild-west style. 7 guys against 14 eggs… IT WAS WAR! It rained mustard oil that day! With the help of third grade packaged spices, burnt onion and copious amounts of salt, the enemy was overpowered. The battlefield looked decent. But three of those evil eggs had lost their lives in the gravy. “And the rest,” as they say, “was history”. It was another red letter day in the history of bachelorhood.

Here’s how the final product looked:



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