Life Notes from Dad

(Well I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time now. but now when I’ve finally sat down to write, I’ve totally forgotten what I wanted to pen down! So I’m going to shoot off whatever comes to my mind.)

When it comes to role models, I have J.R.R. Tolkien, Gandhi, Robert Frost and some others names I can’t remember right now. But for the better half of my life till now, one man has always been a role model for me when it came down to the lessons in life. And as the title readily gives away, it’s my Dad.

He’s not the most perfect guy. I’ve acquired his looks (as all the neighborhood aunties keep reminding me in the Indian way) and his terrible temper. But those are just like small warnings in a computer program. Hardly matters at the end of the day. He taught me to love my family, the importance of self-respect and to never lose hope no matter what.He always treated me the way he should have at that point of time and he always respected my privacy. For that I’ll always love him. He taught me to be straight-forward and never be afraid of anyone. I’ve learnt to believe in myself and always do what’s right from him. I’ve realised that heroes do exist when it comes to the fight of life because I’ve seen my dad do it. I’ve learnt honesty and truthfulness from him. And finally, the biggest thing I’ve inherited from him is people skills. I’ve learnt never to behave badly with someone just because he might be under me in the social strata. If you’re reading this Dad, then let me tell you that the way you talked to everyone starting from the corner shop guy and the meat-grocer to your office superiors has indeed been a wonderful lesson which I’m putting to use till now. I’ve learnt that “Respect is always commanded and never demanded.” Over the years I’ve seen people from all walks of life treat him with such respect that it garners a lot of envy, even from me. This trait has forced me to try and be more like him. I know I can never be the man he is. But I think I’ll be happy enough to reach half-way.

Congrats to you on your recent win in the General Secretary elections. I thought this might be a fitting tribute.

Loads of Love,


6 thoughts on “Life Notes from Dad

  1. I am really stunned to observe your english vocabulary standard. You have acquired a level in english literature & keep it up.Your appreciation regarding me is over estimated.As a father i have simply tried to do my duty & responsibility towards my child. GOD MAY BLESS YOU. Loving papa.


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