The Shadow Traveller

Everyone’s moving too soon, too fast,
There’s a freeway ahead, a whole new world.
Inconspicuous like a shadow, on the sidewalk,
I stand and watch you all go by.
Scurrying like rabbits, hurrying like bees,
rolling down the road like pod-burst peas.
And while such speed accompanies your stride,
Somewhere unnoticed, I’ll join your side.

A good bit of the road I’ll be with you,
even if you change every few miles without a clue.
But remember, the road ends for me where the freeway starts,
So, I’ll see you off there and turn back my cart.
If ever, between then, you find my company sore,
If I strike you as a companion who’ll bore,
I promise that very soon I’ll fade,
And slip onto the sidewalk, my familiar shade.



8 thoughts on “The Shadow Traveller

  1. Sailesh the image of ‘ Down the road like pod burst peas ‘ is simply phenomenal . It speaks about dynamics…very well imagined ur poems are becoming even more palpable……The ability to draw powerful senses from simple things is very dear to me (as i personally use it a lot in my work). U are going to become a significant figure in this field…kepp up the gr8 work !



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