Prolonged Silence

Terrible, loud silence fills my ears, syllables all lost in chasms of hurt. I wait with patience in hope of finding peace, whilst chaos run amok in my thoughts. I play all night poker with certain questions, answers of which have eluded me for long. I sit with silence tearing at my ears, as my … Continue reading Prolonged Silence


“There she is!”

Oscar opened his eyes slowly and didn’t recognize the place. He didn’t know the room, the lights, nothing. The only sounds were the periodic beeps of the various machines monitoring his heartbeat and body temperature. He looked at the table on the left and saw framed pictures of the only moments he could remember. He … Continue reading “There she is!”

The Shadow Traveller

Everyone’s moving too soon, too fast, There’s a freeway ahead, a whole new world. Inconspicuous like a shadow, on the sidewalk, I stand and watch you all go by. Scurrying like rabbits, hurrying like bees, rolling down the road like pod-burst peas. And while such speed accompanies your stride, Somewhere unnoticed, I'll join your side. … Continue reading The Shadow Traveller


Like an agnostic who just discovered that God does exist, I was overwhelmed by the revelation a single phone call presented before me today. Frankly speaking, I suck at relationships of all kind (as much as the rest of the human race, probably more). But it’s surprising how a single strand of human emotion, a … Continue reading FRIENDS…