Obscure Anomalies

Sleep deserts in the middle of the night,
Soul indulged in endless fights.
And whilst all the tussles go forth unseen,
Someone is fearing their own tox screen.

Rising from the water, rinsing off the grime,
Stepping onto hard coldness, slipping in slime.
A stranger in the mirror is what the eyes find,
Soul stirs as the mystery stays undefined

Paranoia enters the system as words stay unheard,
And the Heart finds comfort in realities absurd.
And we go finding shelter in the shades of chemical waste,
Mutating slowly into creatures two-faced.

Self destruction comes about, another DNA lost,
Then peace comes slowly, spreading a blanket of frost.
And as all eyes, towards the horizon see,
I find all silences consumed inside me.


11 thoughts on “Obscure Anomalies

  1. Sailesh,your poems deserve to be published! I’ve read poems of many such poets who belong to 20th century. You can be the one in the 21st century. The paranoia is increasing & the way you bring it out is simply amazing. Many can relate with it.
    Why did u study engineering?? You should have studied literature with me!


    • Thanks a lot Neha! Those are pretty strong and impressive words you got there.. Makes me wonder if i deserve all that.. Though I know now that you love my poems a lot.. But i want more and more people to read it first.. Do me a favour sweetie. Share my poems.. Make people read it.. I’d be grateful to you. πŸ™‚


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