Beautiful Moments

(This poem is based on two people I saw once. The thing which they had between them was really beautiful and it affected me in a big way. So this poem is for them. )

A few moments of your life, give and take,
beautiful sun rays dancing around you through the leaves,
while you walk in an autumn garden full of trees,
coming back to life with each and every little step.

garden walk

Time gets lost between the both of you.
No care in the world, just smiles and laughter,
echoing in the air lifting your spirits high enough,
to touch the sky and then fall back on the soft earth.

Sitting under the sparkling fountain of joy,
letting go of your sorrows and worries one by one.
Neither a care for anyone nor any problems,
background music playing like magic everywhere you go.

Happy that all which matters is at your side,
as the horizons harbor the setting sun and the rising moon,
and as you find yourself in the midst of a fairy-tale,
you find yourself wishing to have this moment forever.


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