Too many riddles to solve,
Too many puzzles in hand,
Too much of confusion around
And yet no sign of any solution.

The pressure cooker is reaching bursting point,
And the body is starting to give away.
Heart is bleeding way too much these days,
And the silence is corroding away the flesh.

All that’s unsaid and unshared is killing from within,
And insecure thoughts are damaging the metabolism.
Reality is breaking the body bone by bone,
And yet lips are sewn tight by threads of ego.

All strings attached are getting muddled up,
Can’t decide whether to cut them away or untangle them.
Unreturned echoes are driving the brain crazy,
and unfair situations are shattering the will power.

Responsibilities seem no less than taming a dragon,
Duties seem like searching for a desert oasis to avoid death.
Finding an escape route seems the only logical thing to do,
Unless there’s already some other way out.

Sleep pattern is becoming insomniac,
Appetite lost amidst all this madness.
Temper hidden just like the captured Titans,
Ready to burst unawares on an unsuspecting someone.

World now looks a shade of just black and white,
Sprinkled with the occasional shades of grey.
Bricks crumbling at the touch of decaying hands,
And earth turning parched at every new step.

Legs walking towards unending darkness without choice,
Shreds of light falling down and crumbling to ashes.
With pin drop silence engulfing all senses with the disappearing light,
It’s time to find a way to escape.


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