The Last Bid

I tried to reassure that all will be fine, tried to make you leave the past behind. Kept the spark alive instead of all vice, buried all my skeletons in front of your eyes. I tried to look inside and raise you from the ash, to reach in from outside and rescue your heart of … Continue reading The Last Bid


Life In Disguise

A scream and a nightmare ends,

Eyelids open to infinite darkness.

The first look down the invisible bed,

All that’s visible is black, unexplained.

All logic becomes wingdings,

Mind starts to go senile.

Vision starts getting hazy,

And the throat tastes bile.

Feels the darkness closing in,

Consuming all that’s left of him.

Fear takes over, not of the surroundings,

But fear of what is there within.

The consciousness keeps shuffling,

Between the abyss within and the darkness without,

Not able to choose which is better,

Not able to think, not able to shout.

Perhaps this is the cruel end of him,

This is how he was supposed to go.

No supports to grasp, no lifelines,

Nothing left for him but sorrow.

Then At last the dread kicks in,

Mind asks morphine, nerves ask nicotine.

As soon as the acrid smoke hits his lungs,

The stupor breaks and the darkness…

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Last Bench

I may have left the school days behind, but the classroom never really  left me. It’s still the same old routine of coming early, to fill the last benches first. Gone are the days of uniforms and lunchboxes, gone are the days of “kneel-down”-ing. The professor doesn’t give a damn and neither do we, we … Continue reading Last Bench


Too many riddles to solve, Too many puzzles in hand, Too much of confusion around And yet no sign of any solution. The pressure cooker is reaching bursting point, And the body is starting to give away. Heart is bleeding way too much these days, And the silence is corroding away the flesh. All that’s … Continue reading Escape