The Ride

“That’s it! I’m not talking to her till she replies to my text”, he thought. He got up, stretched a bit and went out to the balcony. The last five days had been really unexpected. “Of course! I’m in love again after all!”, he muttered to himself. He had met the perfect girl. The most beautiful and loving girl in the world as his mind put it… He was tired from sitting in a chair for the past six hours and he hit the bed. “Not a complete waste of time though” he thought; and before he knew, he was fast asleep.


“It’s six in the evening idiot! Wake up and get going!..” shouted father. That was all he needed! In six seconds he was up and was already checking his inbox. “Damn! Two hours and no reply..”, he thought, “I guess I should call her.”

“Hello?” Her sweet voice was like music to his ears. “Where are you?” he asked. “Just buying a pair of jeans in Saron Square. The Levi’s store… Remember?” she said. Of course he did. “Okay! I’ll talk to you later then. Bye beautiful…” and he disconnected the phone. The next moment, as if by divine intervention, mom handed him a list of things to be bought. And he knew exactly where to go.


He liked the bike better. But the scooter was gearless and easier to drive. Just what he needed. He wasn’t worried about what to tell mom. He was more worried about her. All had happened so fast! He couldn’t spend a second without thinking about her if he wanted to. “Hell I’m addicted to her!” and he smiled.

“Where are you?” he asked her. “On my way home”, came her cheerful reply. “Well..” he said, “I’m in front of that store you know”. The next moment he was turning around his scooter and was speeding towards the place where she had gotten down from her taxi. He was going to see her again and he didn’t care about all the traffic rules he was breaking.
“I’ve been waiting here for twenty minutes you know” she grumbled, “Why did you come?” “To surprise you” he added, reaching behind for her hand.”I hate surprises” she said. “God! Better get used to it… I love you girl!” and he was grinning like an idiot. The next moment she slipped her arms around him. He was surprised.
He felt alive! He felt happy! For three years he had been searching for this warmth, this love, his life… And there it was. He placed his left hand over her palms and tilted back his head to rest it on hers. “Where should i drop you?”, he asked, “Same place as last time?”… “No! Go ahead a bit further… Near my home.. I want five more minutes with the sweetest guy in the world”…
And he drove on…


“Can I drop you at home tomorrow as well?” he asked as she slipped her fingers into his… And they didn’t care about anything or anyone present there… He had found love at last.


12 thoughts on “The Ride

  1. Again a Fantastuc 1 Sailesh ! I liked…the ‘intimate’ body language (description) of the lovers ……But the best part is that u have captured a brief event of about 3 hours (max)…yet u have fantastically upheld the flow and the action…..if this is a ‘start’ then truly u r gonna surprise us with the future ones !


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