The angel lay shattered in the middle of nowhere,
As the gash in his side profusely bled,
His wings torn and tattered by a murderous weapon,
And the birds of prey circling overhead.

The fire in his eyes scorched the ground,
The fallen sword spelling his end.
The guardian angel had finally fallen,
Betrayed by the one he was supposed to defend.

He was her shield, he was her light.
He protected her soul from every vice.
He wasn’t afraid of any demon’s sword,
As long as her heart was his abode.

He intended to do good, to do what was right,
Get rid of all his vices by residing in her light.
As time passed, it seemed that it would last for life,
The bond forged would bear all devilish strife.

But alas! She betrayed.
Turned his sword on him instead.
The blade seemed to him to be made of pure ice,
As he looked at the unexplained anger in her eyes.
With each drop of tear, a silent question he asked,
Was this the reality of his love, now unmasked?

The life in him slowly ebbed away,
Taking away the remnants his trust and his faith.
Then as the sun went down and darkness crept in,
He finally welcomed his death.

Four nights and three days his corpse lay,
No mortal beak daring to touch his flesh.
Then suddenly, there was a dark fire,
And only his ashes were left.

He rose, like a phoenix, from the ashes,
Yet he looked like no angel, rather a wraith.
They was fire in his eyes, and darkness in his heart,
And the air around him smelt of evil and death.

He grasped his new sword and pulled it out,
A satanic blade with runes of death and pain.
And off he shot into the clouds spreading his dark wings,
Revenge, for now, was his sole aim.


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