Chaotic World

Miracle performed, a new life born,
The result of a biological marathon.
God’s angels is what the scriptures spell,
Yet a fairy is thought a shame.
But even before the eyes open to light,
The little bud is nipped by the civilized.

The little bird yet to spread its wings,
Hides behind the door, afraid of the gloom.
Watching with teary eyes and a lot of confusion,
Raised voices of the world’s most loving persons.
Tears speaking out the unsaid words,
The little heart wondering if he’s the reason.

Textbooks and lunch boxes take over the universe,
Friendship discovered a million smiles.
Little secrets and bigger dreams with infinite hope,
All shared under the biggest tree’s shade.
Yet for some reason unknown, the string breaks,
And “Buddy” leaves without a second glance or a second chance.

Teenage love with a thousand thrills,
Looks that intoxicate and smiles that kill.
The heart is a fool, leads without thought,
And then is shattered under those beautiful heels.
Wishing friendship would go to the next level,
Yet smiling while seeing love in stranger hands.

Eyes filled with so many dreams and hopes,
All crushed under the weight of responsibility and duty.
Unheard pleas and requests building up disappointment,
And life suddenly seems a cage of unreasonable thinking.
Prejudiced thinking passed off as tradition,
And second hand dreams are sold off as your own.

A helpless victim is being smashed to pulp,
Yet we stand as spectators without emotion.
Helplessness hidden behind stony eyes,
And all guilt suppressed with fear for life.
Cries of shame come out in the middle of the night,
Putting up questions on humanity and compassion.

Your unconditional lovers, the givers of your life,
Withering with time, ask for a bit of the love to be returned.
Yet their request is greeted with ungracious words,
From their shameless offspring with no regrets.
Uncared souls curse with tears of blood,
Blessings undone to spell the same fate for you.

How hypocritical in a world we live in,
Yet talk of hope, faith and love!
When the dark comes with a disappearing red,
All words of the day are forgotten for good.
This lie is our truth I guess,
The summary of our chaotic world.


6 thoughts on “Chaotic World

  1. As ‘Sailesh’ as ever – u rule imagery…and again this a splendid piece of your imagination.Especially the ‘image’ transit from tearful to stony eyes is very apt and is some thing new….giving a strong picture of growth in this world.The idea of a parallelism between the life of a bird and a human child is truly original and speaks volumes about u and your thought process…..! keep putting up things like this…and give us the pleasure ! ATB



  2. Excellent work Sailesh.I’m really proud of you.You have just summed up this in such nice words.And,I must say,the last poem I wrote was in 2009.The fact that you are able to find time to write such meaningful poems is itself appreciable! I need to learn this from you. Please do keep it up!


    • i’m really happy to hear that..
      and about poetry.. i don’t have anything else to do.. 😀
      that’s my secret… your comment really made me feel appreciated! thanks a lot Neha… 🙂


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