The Condemned

Nowhere does he find some light, Pure and bright, even at night. Yet goes ahead with a broken leg, Lonely on roads where no one treads. With a twisted hand and poor eyesight, He moves ahead in this dark night. No soul in sight or any spirit known, The dark fork roads calling to his … Continue reading The Condemned


Worlds Apart

He sits at the table, drumming the top, thoughts wandering to pinpoint at that one face, sitting among all those piles, of books, reports and rotten files, all he thinks of is the one he needs, more than the air he breathes. it ends not here but keeps nagging. neither hunger matters nor work, he … Continue reading Worlds Apart

The Ride

"That's it! I'm not talking to her till she replies to my text", he thought. He got up, stretched a bit and went out to the balcony. The last five days had been really unexpected. "Of course! I'm in love again after all!", he muttered to himself. He had met the perfect girl. The most … Continue reading The Ride


The angel lay shattered in the middle of nowhere, As the gash in his side profusely bled, His wings torn and tattered by a murderous weapon, And the birds of prey circling overhead. The fire in his eyes scorched the ground, The fallen sword spelling his end. The guardian angel had finally fallen, Betrayed by … Continue reading ARCHANGEL

Chaotic World

Miracle performed, a new life born, The result of a biological marathon. God’s angels is what the scriptures spell, Yet a fairy is thought a shame. But even before the eyes open to light, The little bud is nipped by the civilized. The little bird yet to spread its wings, Hides behind the door, afraid … Continue reading Chaotic World