The Condemned

Nowhere does he find some light,
Pure and bright, even at night.
Yet goes ahead with a broken leg,
Lonely on roads where no one treads.
With a twisted hand and poor eyesight,
He moves ahead in this dark night.
No soul in sight or any spirit known,
The dark fork roads calling to his bone.
He moves in a trance, though his heart refused,
Shaking with fright, and confused.
That how his body goes ahead,
On paths where even not the dead tread.
But he has no choice, he has no aim.
‘cause he had been shunned and his body maimed.
He lost his care, love and fame,
Became a stranger to his own life and name.

As long it was sunny,
All had walked with him.
Then as the red sun went down,
They stopped gradually.

They just saw him walk by towards the end.
Without hope, help or a friend.
And neither did anyone offer a bed,
warmth of a fireplace or the taste of bread.
Yet he walked towards the dark, stumbled and fell…
He hurt himself and cursed like hell!…
But he remained silent, somehow it was his mistake.
That he was now a helpless wreck moving ahead without help.


Worlds Apart


He sits at the table, drumming the top,
thoughts wandering to pinpoint at that one face,
sitting among all those piles,
of books, reports and rotten files,
all he thinks of is the one he needs,
more than the air he breathes.
it ends not here but keeps nagging.
neither hunger matters nor work,
he acquires the look of an insomniac,
of an addict deprived of his drugs.
perhaps the breeze brings her perfume from yonder,
perhaps the moon reflects her beautiful face,
perhaps the mirror has captured her inside,
or perhaps the raindrops bring her touch.
frozen beneath the stars he lies,
the impatient lover searching her eyes,
praying for miracles and angels,
dying for the warmth of her hug.

She sits at the window every night,
smiling at the thought of her beloved.
Missing his loving arms wrapped around,
wanting badly the love they had found.
Dying to see the look in his eyes,
the ocean of love bereft of lies.
Touching the mirror as if it might take her away,
to the world afar where he was forced to stay.

Both walk in loneliness searching for the grasp,
which calmed their nerves and soothed their heart.
Believing that late night talks with closed eyes,
might bring them together over thousands of miles.
Trusting for real every animated kiss or smile,
they find their paradise in the darkness, even though for a while.

Come sunlight, the pretenses of the dark break,
the hearts ache at the thought of another day.
Yet they wait, knowing not when they will gaze at the stars together,
yet waiting, waiting for their dear life.

The Ride

“That’s it! I’m not talking to her till she replies to my text”, he thought. He got up, stretched a bit and went out to the balcony. The last five days had been really unexpected. “Of course! I’m in love again after all!”, he muttered to himself. He had met the perfect girl. The most beautiful and loving girl in the world as his mind put it… He was tired from sitting in a chair for the past six hours and he hit the bed. “Not a complete waste of time though” he thought; and before he knew, he was fast asleep.


“It’s six in the evening idiot! Wake up and get going!..” shouted father. That was all he needed! In six seconds he was up and was already checking his inbox. “Damn! Two hours and no reply..”, he thought, “I guess I should call her.”

“Hello?” Her sweet voice was like music to his ears. “Where are you?” he asked. “Just buying a pair of jeans in Saron Square. The Levi’s store… Remember?” she said. Of course he did. “Okay! I’ll talk to you later then. Bye beautiful…” and he disconnected the phone. The next moment, as if by divine intervention, mom handed him a list of things to be bought. And he knew exactly where to go.


He liked the bike better. But the scooter was gearless and easier to drive. Just what he needed. He wasn’t worried about what to tell mom. He was more worried about her. All had happened so fast! He couldn’t spend a second without thinking about her if he wanted to. “Hell I’m addicted to her!” and he smiled.

“Where are you?” he asked her. “On my way home”, came her cheerful reply. “Well..” he said, “I’m in front of that store you know”. The next moment he was turning around his scooter and was speeding towards the place where she had gotten down from her taxi. He was going to see her again and he didn’t care about all the traffic rules he was breaking.
“I’ve been waiting here for twenty minutes you know” she grumbled, “Why did you come?” “To surprise you” he added, reaching behind for her hand.”I hate surprises” she said. “God! Better get used to it… I love you girl!” and he was grinning like an idiot. The next moment she slipped her arms around him. He was surprised.
He felt alive! He felt happy! For three years he had been searching for this warmth, this love, his life… And there it was. He placed his left hand over her palms and tilted back his head to rest it on hers. “Where should i drop you?”, he asked, “Same place as last time?”… “No! Go ahead a bit further… Near my home.. I want five more minutes with the sweetest guy in the world”…
And he drove on…


“Can I drop you at home tomorrow as well?” he asked as she slipped her fingers into his… And they didn’t care about anything or anyone present there… He had found love at last.


The angel lay shattered in the middle of nowhere,
As the gash in his side profusely bled,
His wings torn and tattered by a murderous weapon,
And the birds of prey circling overhead.

The fire in his eyes scorched the ground,
The fallen sword spelling his end.
The guardian angel had finally fallen,
Betrayed by the one he was supposed to defend.

He was her shield, he was her light.
He protected her soul from every vice.
He wasn’t afraid of any demon’s sword,
As long as her heart was his abode.

He intended to do good, to do what was right,
Get rid of all his vices by residing in her light.
As time passed, it seemed that it would last for life,
The bond forged would bear all devilish strife.

But alas! She betrayed.
Turned his sword on him instead.
The blade seemed to him to be made of pure ice,
As he looked at the unexplained anger in her eyes.
With each drop of tear, a silent question he asked,
Was this the reality of his love, now unmasked?

The life in him slowly ebbed away,
Taking away the remnants his trust and his faith.
Then as the sun went down and darkness crept in,
He finally welcomed his death.

Four nights and three days his corpse lay,
No mortal beak daring to touch his flesh.
Then suddenly, there was a dark fire,
And only his ashes were left.

He rose, like a phoenix, from the ashes,
Yet he looked like no angel, rather a wraith.
They was fire in his eyes, and darkness in his heart,
And the air around him smelt of evil and death.

He grasped his new sword and pulled it out,
A satanic blade with runes of death and pain.
And off he shot into the clouds spreading his dark wings,
Revenge, for now, was his sole aim.

Chaotic World

Miracle performed, a new life born,
The result of a biological marathon.
God’s angels is what the scriptures spell,
Yet a fairy is thought a shame.
But even before the eyes open to light,
The little bud is nipped by the civilized.

The little bird yet to spread its wings,
Hides behind the door, afraid of the gloom.
Watching with teary eyes and a lot of confusion,
Raised voices of the world’s most loving persons.
Tears speaking out the unsaid words,
The little heart wondering if he’s the reason.

Textbooks and lunch boxes take over the universe,
Friendship discovered a million smiles.
Little secrets and bigger dreams with infinite hope,
All shared under the biggest tree’s shade.
Yet for some reason unknown, the string breaks,
And “Buddy” leaves without a second glance or a second chance.

Teenage love with a thousand thrills,
Looks that intoxicate and smiles that kill.
The heart is a fool, leads without thought,
And then is shattered under those beautiful heels.
Wishing friendship would go to the next level,
Yet smiling while seeing love in stranger hands.

Eyes filled with so many dreams and hopes,
All crushed under the weight of responsibility and duty.
Unheard pleas and requests building up disappointment,
And life suddenly seems a cage of unreasonable thinking.
Prejudiced thinking passed off as tradition,
And second hand dreams are sold off as your own.

A helpless victim is being smashed to pulp,
Yet we stand as spectators without emotion.
Helplessness hidden behind stony eyes,
And all guilt suppressed with fear for life.
Cries of shame come out in the middle of the night,
Putting up questions on humanity and compassion.

Your unconditional lovers, the givers of your life,
Withering with time, ask for a bit of the love to be returned.
Yet their request is greeted with ungracious words,
From their shameless offspring with no regrets.
Uncared souls curse with tears of blood,
Blessings undone to spell the same fate for you.

How hypocritical in a world we live in,
Yet talk of hope, faith and love!
When the dark comes with a disappearing red,
All words of the day are forgotten for good.
This lie is our truth I guess,
The summary of our chaotic world.