Diabolic Dreams

There’s a darkness inside me that sleeps,
the Abyss of Evil giving me the creeps.

Unnatural dreams with changing hue,
Black and blood swirling in watery blue.

Breath sucked out; I’ve run out of air,
gasping for life with a ghostly stare.
Screams blocked out by rotten arms,
I’m surrounded by Zombies ready to harm.

Warning flashes inside the flickering soul,
terrorized by shadows haunting the walls.
Remaining life fades when i hear the clicks,
and find myself staring at eight-legged freaks.
Bones get crushed under pincers and jaws,
and flesh torn off by demonic claws.
Blood flows like an unstoppable stream,
flooding away my world in the dream.

I find myself pushed off a cliff,
or pulled into the water when i go for a Dip.
Falling and rolling down infinite stairs,
I wake up with cold sweat drenching my hair.

But soon my conscious gets rid of all this,
and I go back to sleeping, all in one piece.
Suddenly my throat is locked in a death grip,
and in seconds, my body falls all stiff.


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