Words Of A Dreamer

(some 2 years ago, I wrote a poem with the same title and the same dreams in my mind. This too is dedicated for all those who dream)

Bring out chains to put me down,
but you can never keep me off the ground.
In this grid of chaos, I stole few moments of serenity.
In an ocean of despair, I’m anchored to hopes.

Thoughts fly out of the window,
teasing me taunting me to reach the sky.
A line, a thought, a dream, all in a lie,
ask me I’ve abandoned them why.


I’ll have wings to soar high,
and reach new horizons beyond the world’s eye.
A thousand dreams that now live in me,
shall one day be conquered for the world to see.

I want to be as free as the wind in my fold,
as dangerous as the sparks inside my soul.
I’ll endure all possible pains to make destiny mine,
become an indelible moment in the illusion of time,

Let not these eyes see all surprises that they may,
because tomorrow is yet another new day.

Dreamer I


(This is the first song I have ever written for someone! I decided it was time to write something on a cheerful note. This is something I haven’t done in a long time. Love as a subject is kind of hard to write for me. But as the great Plato said “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. Hope you all like it.)

Won’t you stay with me for some more time,
I don’t feel like being alone.
Someone like you is hard to find,
So don’t tell me that today you’ll be gone.

This time there will be no mistakes,
There won’t be a single wrong turn.
Don’t give up on us just this once,
Cause without you I’m gonna crash and burn.

No more red ink goodbyes,
To get lost in those lovely eyes,
To make sure my heart’s still beating,
To make sure that I keep on breathing,
To be under the same stars as you,
I’m coming home to you.

Ever wonder why I say you are my sunshine,
What will happen if we ever reach no-return.
No, I intend to keep all my promises,
I will alleviate all your myriad concerns.

So walk down this road with me again,
Bring back those countless moments of ours.
Let me surprise you time and again,
Like when I sent your favorite flowers.

No more fights, no more cries,
To see the sparkle in your eyes,
To see for real your heartwarming smile,
To make my days a bit more worthwhile,
To be whatever you want me to,
I’m coming home to you.